“So, have you heard about the oyster who went to a disco and pulled a mussel?”” Billy Connolly

So the simple dinner of last night actually grew to dinner for 8. It was a good thing. Family, friends, and good food! There’s no better way to spend a Saturday night.

After a trip to St. Lawrence Market for the accoutrements, the evening unfolded as such. Roasted bone marrow on toasted baguettes, cherry wood smoked mussels with a shallot and cilantro sauce, and a flank steak marinated with soya, orange juice and rind and a little garlic. A fresh greens salad with pear, chèvre and candied pecans brought together with a tarragon dressing.  Nice!

We finished off with grilled pineapple and vanilla ice cream with ground Wurthers candies sprinkled on top.

It was a cool night but the evening was warm and toasty!

Needless to say everyone was in a food coma very shortly afterwards.

Be well!


Tasty, tasty, meat flavoured butter!

Tasty, tasty, meat flavoured butter!

Fulfilling their destiny!

Fulfilling their destiny!

Exercising our mussels!

Exercising our mussels!

All together now!

All together now!

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