“Red meat is not bad for you. Now, blue-green meat—that’s bad for you!” Tom Smothers

The world is not perfect. Situations are not perfect.  People are not perfect. And I am not perfect. But I make do and try. Last night I timed everything and then the wrench came out of the sky. We have a nurse that comes by once a day to see my daughter. This journey is almost over and I see my time off (unemployed) as a gift to take care of that which needs to be done. Well the usual time of the visit was bumped by an hour due to unforeseen circumstances and dinner was put on hold.

The BGE was working slow, the potatoes were working slow in the oven, and the asparagus in bacon went on last. That’s what life is about. Deal with the situation at hand and make it work! So the roast was still juicy, the bacon was crisp, and the potatoes creamy with the gruyere melted in the right places.

Food, cooking and creativity on the grill has kept me sane.

My favourite quote is from Robert Frost. “Everything I’ve learned about life can be summed up in three words. It goes on.”

Be well


Eventually, dinner was served.

Eventually, dinner was served.

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