“Odd that we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday with beer, food, and fun when the old girl was such a stickler for moral conduct?” Happy Two Four weekend everyone!

Good news today. The 2 month journey of my daughter on antibiotics via an IV will end next week. The x-rays look good, her energy and health are back, and the pick-line she has endured since March is coming out.  The universe is getting itself back into order.

Last night we went light. Grilled salmon on field greens with beets and shallots.  No BGE this time just the Napoleon rubbed down with oil. Something I like to do is oil the grill using a half an onion or lemon that is destined for the trash. I dip it in oil and grease the grill with it instead of a cloth or spray bottle.  It adds a little flavor to the grill and food.

The salmon was rubbed down with maple syrup and brown sugar for some sweetness and the field greens drizzled with lemon, olive oil and raspberry vinegar. Simple but tasty!

Its Victoria Day weekend in Canada! Let the BBQ’s smoke and the beer and wine flow.

Be well!


Slow swimmer on the grill!

Slow swimmer on the grill!


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