Hoisin ginger chicken with Shirataki noodles

Gotta try this!

Chilli Marmalade

Hoisin chicken Shirataki noodlesComing up with delicious meals for my Fast Diet days has been tricky because of the very strict calorie limit, but Shirataki noodles have made inspiration so much easier.

Last night I whipped up this Hoisin chicken with Shirataki noodles and plenty of colourful vegetables. At a total of 280 calories for the entire meal, this left me plenty of room to have snacks earlier in the day.

Hoisin Chicken Shirataki Fast Diet recipes

I’m enjoying The Fast Diet so far – and I’m beginning to see results already. If you’d like to check out more Fast Diet ideas, see my first Shirataki noodle recipe, and my very filling broccoli, cauliflower and parsnip soup.


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