“Everything in life has an end. Only sausages have two.” German Proverb

It’s been awhile since I posted and I apologize. The house is up for sale and the focus has been on family and stuff.

But tonight, smoke prevailed.

Smoked Sausage with Bacon and Cheese MacSausage is the Picasso of the stuffed meat world. Sausage can be anything you care to mix into the grinder. Different meats, spices, even fruits. I use to get a chicken and pineapple sausage at St Lawrence Market that was to die for. I make a duck sausage stuffing for the turkey at Christmas time. Sausage I believe is as limited as your imagination.

Tonight was a Sea Salt and Black Pepper sausage slow smoked with maple. Nothing fancy in the taste just the flavour of the wood permeating the casing of the lovingly encased pork tubes. Sexy Eh?

Try spraying the sausages with juice, beer, or Coke as they cook. It makes the outer casing firm up while the insides stay moist and juicy. Never poke or break the outer rim. You want to keep all the moisture inside the sausage while cooking. They dry out when you cut or poke.

So what to serve with it. Imaging a bacon and cheese pasta casserole. Ok it was homemade mac and cheese without the elbows. Penne stood in as the elbows were previously occupied.

Smoky love prevailed. Cheesy infatuation was wafting in the air and the trolls in the house disappeared into a food coma. It was a good night.

More frequent posts are on their way along with worldly observations and foodie comments. Maybe some words about moving a house after 23 years of residence too!

Be well and eat well!