“The Bluebird of Happiness long absent from his life, Ned is visited by the Chicken of Depression.” Gary Larson

Stone grilled chicken breastsChicken is the most consumed protein in the world. Our affair started with Mom’s chicken soup probably out of a can, and then progressed to the Colonel.  As we continued or travels we found sweet and sour, Mac somethings, and finally Buffalo wings.

In our house rotisserie, spatchcock, and fire roasted takes the stage, after all smoke and fire makes everything taste better!

Last night was no different. I’ve taken to cooking everything I can on my granite cooking stones. They give a nice even cook across whatever I try. So over hickory wood, rubbed with sage, seasoning and olive oil the breasts hit the stones! I wanted simple yet flavourful and have been craving a white sauce so the plate consisted of Hickory roasted chicken breasts on a bed of penne tossed with olive oil and garlic and covered in a sage cream sauce. Combining the hickory smoke with the pasta and cream is an amazing team.

The weather in Toronto over the past week has been better. Snow is melting, sun beams are breaking through, and I can get away with a T-Shirt for short term exposure. So the night was primed for outdoor cooking. If I can, I move it outside. Actually even if it’s freezing or raining I still try and take it outside.

Think about what you’re doing tonight? Can part of it be moved outside? Don’t you want the memories of summer tastes now instead of 4 weeks from now? Do you have a jacket? What’s stopping you?

Thursday March 20th is only days away. Start now or start planning the rebirth of your outdoor cooking season!

Be well and eat well!Hickory smoked chicken penne and sage sauce

Scott Tait

“My idea of feng shui is to have them arrange the pepperoni in a circle on my pizza” Unknown

Pizza on the Grilling Stone

Pizza on the Grilling Stone

The Olympics are over. Congratulations to all that participated. Not just the medalists, everybody. Performing on the grand stage is phenomenal in itself. Finding the inner fortitude to compete for your country in a foreign land with all the world watching takes a more than physical strength and commitment, it takes a special kind of person. Well done!

So taking the initiative, (on a much reduced scale), I have been stretching my cooking and BBQ skills in a different direction. I’ve been utilizing my granite grills as much as I can to take the mundane to another level. My mandate, as always, is to take conventional produced meals and add some flare, smoke, and fire to them. By this day, most everyone knows what a pizza stone is and either has one or is considering one. Maybe you got one as a wedding gift and it lays dust covered in a cupboard somewhere.  Mine has been used for the aforementioned purpose, but is usually used as a diffuser for my Big Green Egg.  The new beige colour is now a deep black. That being said, my new granite grills have taken their place.

So what better meal to create on my gas BBQ other than BBQ’d Chicken Pizza?  My usual shopping included pre-made pizza dough but after some searching on the interweb thingy I found a basic, easy, dough that take no more time than prepping bread dough. In all actuality, that’s what it is.  Since I’m making fresh bread at least once a week it was an easy addition to my standard set of tools! When you’re searching recipes add the word “easy” or “best” in front and see what happens!

So two chicken breasts seasoned with my basic BBQ rub and grilled over flame, sautéed onions, bacon, shredded Romano and Cheddar on top and store bought BBQ sauce as the base.  The grills were put on my gas grill and heated until they were too hot to the touch. The closed lid temperature was 500f. Now the tricky part, get them on without messing tem up too badly. The answer, parchment paper! Build your pizza on the paper and slide it on to the hot grill. 10 minutes should do it but check after 5. If you have one side that heats up more than the other, use the paper to spin them around for even cooking. As always remember, if you’re looking, you’re not cooking.

Hot stone grilling is old school in some parts of the world but new to us. North American’s like the tried and true but now with the infusion of foods and flavours from the world the tools are coming along with them.

Take some inspiration from the Olympics! Look inside and stand on the podium of your BBQ and as always, have fun with it!

Be well and eat well!

Scott Tait

The Artisanal Grill

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Chinese Proverbs

Stone grilled shrimpStones have been used for centuries as a cooking surface and can be traced to Mongolian, Korean, and Japanese roots. Its solid form distributes the heat evenly for a uniform cooking experience and is easily cleaned and maintained for repeated use.

The Artisanal Grilling Stone can be used on your BBQ or heated in the oven and used to cook in front of your friends and family.

Made of solid granite and sized at 40 x 20 x 2cm (15.75 x 7.87 x 7/8 inches) it can more than handle whatever your meal requires.

Meats, fish, vegetables, and even pizza become a new adventure as you expand your cooking and grilling repertoire. The Artisanal Grilling Stone will become a mainstay in your grilling arsenal as people wonder over your creativity and style.

Can be used:

  • On grills – gas, charcoal and open flame.
  • In conventional and convection ovens,
  • Under the broiler.
  • To turn a grill into an outdoor oven.

It can:

  • Can withstand high temperatures.
  • Cut directly on the glazed stone without concern about damaging or scratching the surface.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water and is dishwasher safe.
  • (not recommended for stove-top use)

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Granite Grilling Stone 3

Granite Grilling Stone 1