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Bacon makes everything better!

Bacon makes everything better!

“Age seldom arrives smoothly or quickly. It’s more often a succession of jerks.” Jean Rhys

Jerk Chicken wings with Mango Hot SauHeat again? I’m afraid so! As I’ve said before it’s really not about the heat, although that’s fun, it’s about the flavor and the feeling released on your senses. Jerk is one of my favourites and always has been. There is a sweetness in the fiery goodness from the All Spice, cinnamon, and brown sugar that permeates the meat to another dimension.

Spicy and sweet has always been in my arsenal. There are plenty of ready-made dry rubs out there to make your life easier but there is nothing like creating your own concoction specific to your personal taste and it’s easy.

My wings were marinated in my own rub and moistened with a little vegetable oil to spread the karma of the Caribbean. Grilled over charcoal and served with a Scotch Bonnet and mango dipping sauce smoothed out with honey and yogurt excited the mouth.   On the side, Orzo and grilled vegetable salad with toasted tortilla strips for crunch.

You have to take bland out of the equation. Good meals with interesting twists and a flavour theme keep the creative juices flowing.

Be well and eat well!


“God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.” Rachel Caine

I like it hot. When I order chicken wings in a restaurant I bypass hot and go straight to suicide. I usually get disappointed with jalapeño peppers. They use to be hotter. I think they’ve been over processed in a marketing scheme. I hope it doesn’t happen to scotch bonnets.

Picking up a challenge from #gastropost for Caribbean style and having some scotch bonnets and pork tenderloin in the house I came up with this, Caribbean marinated grilled pork on toasted coconut rice with a mango pepper sauce. Hot enough to let you feel the burn but sweet enough to cool make you want more. After all, it’s all about balance.

The pork marinated in vinegar, oil, soya, honey, cinnamon, onion, all spice, and one blended down scotch bonnet for 4 hours. Grilled over the hot coals, then placed on a bed of coconut rice with toasted coconut on top.  Another scotch bonnet was blended with a mango, honey, onion. oil and vinegar  to add some additional sweet and hot heat.

Take a look at what you have in the house. Improvise and come up with your own creation.

Be well and eat well.


People in the party - hot hot hot

People in the party – hot hot hot