Beach BBQ and Brews Festival! Saturday June 14th Grilling Tent Schedule!

Here is the schedule for the Grilling Tent Demonstrations at the Beach BBQ and Brews Festival!

Saturday June 14th – Grilling Demos
1:00PM – Chef Ted Reader
2:00PM – Chef Chris Doepner
3:00PM – Chef Ted Reader
4:00PM – Tonia Wilson
5:00PM – Scott Tait

Hope to see you there on Saturday!

Be Well and Eat Well!



Beach BBQ and Brews Festival!

Beach BBQ and Brews Festival!

Let the smoke rise and the pork be juicy! It’s 2 weeks away!

This is a great weekend. I’ve been to rib and BBQ festivals throughout Ontario, and I have to say my favourite is the one that’s in my own backyard. Literally! The team that puts this event together works extra hard to put the community feel into the weekend.  Local craft beers, Blues, Rock and Reggae, and really really good BBQ.

Ted Reader will be doing his tasty tasty thing for everybody and there is the Firefighters Cook-off.

Last year I had the privilege of judging the amateur rib contest at the Beach BBQ and Brews Festival! It was a blast! It doesn’t get any better than getting free ribs. This year the competition is sanctioned by the Canadian Southern BBQ Association, so I’m off the friday before to get certified as a judge!

This year I get my chance in the Grilling Tent to show off my fire related skills. I’ll be appearing at 6pm on Saturday June 14th. I’m still working on my meat related presentation, but I’ll keep it as a surprise till then. Let’s fill the tent!

Here’s a few shots from last years event!

Camp 31 sauce

#Beach BBQ and Brew Fest 2013

This past weekend the Beach BBQ and Brew Fest took over Woodbine Park for 3 days. Other than a short interlude of rain Saturday night and first thing Sunday morning, the event was ablast!

Beaches BBQ and Brew Fest

Beaches BBQ and Brew Fest

US and Canadian Teams served the usual fare that was happily washed down with the assistance of local craft beer artisans. I have attended others throughout the province and have to say that “The Beach”, (formerly The Beaches, but that’s another story) embraced the event and instilled its sense of calm and relax amongst the revelers. It was a blast!

Pork bliss in the Beach

Pork bliss in the Beach

All the participant’s smoked treats were good but my particular tastes ran to the ribs and Alabama Pulled Pork that Camp 31 was offering.  The diehards and smoke heads knew the biggest lines offered the best fare.

BBQ demands beer and the craft artisans didn’t disappoint. I did get introduced to #Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, a refreshing different taste with a bite. Quite nice!

Presentations led by Ted Reader marked the big tent. Ted’s take on Warm Bourbon brownies with bacon and blue cheese made my heart stutter for a second. But as everyone knows, bacon makes everything better!

Ted and me!

Ted and me!

I finished Sunday as a judge for the Amateur Rib contest. Everyone that entered deserves kudos for having the guts to put their money where their mouth is.  Good ribs all around and well done.

So I have a back log of food photos to catch up on. Watch over the next few days.

Because of the meat overload, tonight is #BGE tomato roasted soup, grilled corn with oregano/ chévre butter and homemade bread.  Dessert is rotisserie pineapple with grilled pound cake and rum whipped cream.  OK, so we’re good with the veggies and not so good with the dessert.

Be well and eat well


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