“Generally speaking, food has to be spicier than it would be if you tasted it on the ground,” Peter Jones

Hot Garlic Drumsticks with Bacon OrzoYou have to try everything. Hot, sweet, savory, strong, smokey, even weird in life. You don’t have to like everything, you just need to try it. After all, if you don’t try something you might miss your new favourite thing, a new direction, a new person, or even a new opportunity. Going through life only doing or trying what you know will never take you down new avenues. Change, stretch, break that envelope that you live in.

Food wise, hot and spicy is a good thing. It wakes up your taste buds and gives them new opportunities to experience. It might be that you aren’t a big fan and that’s OK. You tried and maybe you’ll try again. Look past the hot and see the flavour. That’s what we chili heads do.

Tonight’s offering is chicken drumsticks marinated in garlic, olive oil, and Nando’s Hot Garlic Sauce served on bacon and parmesan orzo. The drums were grilled over charcoal low and slow to keep them juicy.

Be well and eat well!


“God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.” Rachel Caine

I like it hot. When I order chicken wings in a restaurant I bypass hot and go straight to suicide. I usually get disappointed with jalapeño peppers. They use to be hotter. I think they’ve been over processed in a marketing scheme. I hope it doesn’t happen to scotch bonnets.

Picking up a challenge from #gastropost for Caribbean style and having some scotch bonnets and pork tenderloin in the house I came up with this, Caribbean marinated grilled pork on toasted coconut rice with a mango pepper sauce. Hot enough to let you feel the burn but sweet enough to cool make you want more. After all, it’s all about balance.

The pork marinated in vinegar, oil, soya, honey, cinnamon, onion, all spice, and one blended down scotch bonnet for 4 hours. Grilled over the hot coals, then placed on a bed of coconut rice with toasted coconut on top.  Another scotch bonnet was blended with a mango, honey, onion. oil and vinegar  to add some additional sweet and hot heat.

Take a look at what you have in the house. Improvise and come up with your own creation.

Be well and eat well.


People in the party - hot hot hot

People in the party – hot hot hot