“Forget about the consequences of failure. Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.” Denis Waitley

Great weather, great weekend, and as Phil Robertson says, Happy, Happy, Happy!

Life has a way of just happening. No warnings, you just wake up and stuff is there to deal with. You can plan your best to make sure the bumps and the pitfalls are minimum, but in the long run, stuff happens.

Keeping a positive outlook is hard sometimes, but the flip is a negative one and going down that road is a soul sucking defeatist route that brings you to your knees.  Accomplishing even the smallest goals becomes overwhelming! Stay positive! Stay on your path! Don’t let the naysayers take control of your thoughts. Do what you know is right and stay away from the “realistic people”.

Everyone has heard the comment” I’m just being realistic,” and then someone lists off all their realistic points. Pay attention to their comments and see how many of them are negative. Most realistic people are actually just negative thinkers. Being realistic means looking at both sides positive and negative and dealing with them as elegantly and effectively as you can.

This weekend the food was fun. Having experienced the deliciousness of rotisserie chicken on the gas grill, we decided that to try a cousin of Mr. Chicken and introduced Mr. Duck to the Napoleon. Simply rubbed with ground coriander, salt and pepper and stuffed with lemons. I had duck bones in my freezer, (doesn’t everyone) so Mr. Duck had a Pinot Noir and duck stock reduction to complete him.

Red rice made an introduction too. Prepared in the duck stock instead of water and finished with toasted almonds and grated apple.

Since the trolls had friends over and we needed to stretch the quantity, over the charcoal short ribs in a honey/soya/sesame blend hit the Weber.

Vicky created a wonderful Kale and Grapefruit salad to complete the meal.

Weekend good! Week to come will be good, after all it’s not what your dealt, it how you deal with it.

Be well and eat well!


Duck,Duck, Pork!

Duck,Duck, Pork!

“Odd that we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday with beer, food, and fun when the old girl was such a stickler for moral conduct?” Happy Two Four weekend everyone!

Good news today. The 2 month journey of my daughter on antibiotics via an IV will end next week. The x-rays look good, her energy and health are back, and the pick-line she has endured since March is coming out.  The universe is getting itself back into order.

Last night we went light. Grilled salmon on field greens with beets and shallots.  No BGE this time just the Napoleon rubbed down with oil. Something I like to do is oil the grill using a half an onion or lemon that is destined for the trash. I dip it in oil and grease the grill with it instead of a cloth or spray bottle.  It adds a little flavor to the grill and food.

The salmon was rubbed down with maple syrup and brown sugar for some sweetness and the field greens drizzled with lemon, olive oil and raspberry vinegar. Simple but tasty!

Its Victoria Day weekend in Canada! Let the BBQ’s smoke and the beer and wine flow.

Be well!


Slow swimmer on the grill!

Slow swimmer on the grill!