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A little smoke goes a long way!

A little smoke goes a long way!

So a new start to a new year!

Creating a new direction in life is a journey of expectation, wonderment, possibilities, and fear.  I’ve travelled this road for over a year now and lo and behold the future I see is bright. I haven’t travelled this path alone; I have the support and love of everyone I know. In addition I’m travelling it with a few friends that are on their own paths.

My concept of taking the indoors outdoors and looking at food as an offering of love and comfort seems to have spread and connected me with like thinkers and food centric renaissance people alike.  BBQ, smokers, grills or whatever you chose to call them are just extensions of your kitchen and can be utilized all year.  Conventional recipes can be updated to add flair and switched up.  How your mother made it is wonderful, but thinks about what you can turn it into if you add your own personality and skill.

So now starts the next dimension to my journey.  I am now a staff writer for FoodSided is an extension of FanSided which is dedicated to sports and sports bloggers.  Taking the same passion from their base site, FoodSided is building to become one of the most popular and searched food sites on the web. I look forward to the experience and the continuation of the journey.

I will be posting here and on along with updates on Twitter and my Facebook page.

Please follow and enjoy the journey with me.

Be well and eat well!

Scott Tait

The Artisanal Grill


RT for @throwbackthursday @foodbloggersCA In the beginning….

So here I am, the avid outdoor (amateur) Chef sharing my adventures with fire and smoke with the world.

My philosophy is simple and straightforward. What you can do inside, you can do outside.

I started this journey years ago when I became the chief cook and bottle washer in our home. Wanting to introduce my children to all the different flavours and tastes in the world became a mandate of mine.  “You don’t have to like everything, just try it.” “Just because it’s different or unfamiliar to you doesn’t mean you wont like it.”

This is also the way I look at the world. Different is neither good nor bad. It’s just different.

So here I go sharing my culinary triumphs (and failures too), some literary quotes, and my life adventures with the world.


Scott Tait

Grilled Chicken breast with Puttanesca