“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” #Mary Manin Morrissey

Where does faith lie? In others? In yourself?  In a 1000 year old doctrine? Everybody has their own view. Mine lies in knowledge. The knowledge that you are doing your best. The knowledge that all the decisions that you have made to this point, right or wrong, have brought you to where you are now. Your path has been decided by them. You have become who you are because of them.

Hope and faith are different. I see hope as waiting for others and the universe to say, “Hey, this guy needs some help.”  Faith is being secure that the path taken will get you to the destination you seek.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”#RobertFrost @famousquotes

Food.  The ritual of the choices, the prep, the completion, and the taste have been steadfast in my life over the past year. Satisfaction and pride help wash always the troubles of the world.

So let me tell you about my #TeaSmokedChicken Thighs.

Tea is a wonderful addition to smoke. A little oak wood as a base with oolong in a smoke pouch  to add sweetness ups the flavor game to a new level. I use the sniff test before I place any food on the smoker. Hardwood and wood can give off an acrid smell when first lit. I wait till I’m happy with how it smells before I introduce any food to it. After all, if it smells sweet, the smoke will be sweet. If it smells like crap, well?

The thighs were marinated for 3 hours in a mixture of cold oolong tea, soya, honey, and lime zest. Patted dry and placed on the #BGE for some loving slow heat.  When they were halfway through, sliced fennel and red onion were placed beside them on the grill to caramelize.  I saved some of the unused marinade, heated and soaked udon noodles in the broth to loosen them. The fennel and onions were then sliced and added to the noodles. Just before I took off the chicken I glazed with honey and and ginger.

Sweet, smoky, and tasty!

Be well and eat well


Oolong tea smoked chicken on udon noodles

Oolong tea smoked chicken on udon noodles

“We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.” Douglas Adams

I’ve spent the past year deciding where my future and my present lies. The path most familiar and comfortable is not necessarily the one that make you most happy and peaceful.  So you throw yourself against the wall and see if you stick.

As I said at the beginning of my Blog life, food has always been the constant in my life. Creating, relaxing, and showing love to my family and friends. I’ve managed to find peace and appreciation in the friends I’ve found, and the meals I’ve created. Where to go from here? I throw it out to the universe. I’m having fun and I hope that you will continue to too. There is something about taking ordinary ingredients and different views of them from this big world and distilling them into a mouthful of wonderment.

Last night we dined on rotisserie Jerk Chicken and dirty rice with black beans. My favourite marinade base has become yogurt. The chicken soaked in yogurt and my jerk spices for 4 hours. The yogurt having no dominating taste imparts the spices through and makes the meat juicy.  I’ve used it as a medium for chicken, lamb, and now as a base for salad dressings instead of mayonnaise.

Eating well doesn’t mean expensive. It meanings instilling love and passion into what you do.

Be well and eat well!


Spicy but not too hot!

Spicy but not too hot!