Spam Spam Spam Spam….Spam Spam Spam Spam

Alone and with a can of #Spam?

There are no rules! If it can fit on the grill, it’s going on the grill!

So I found myself alone and wanting to experiment a bit. I’ve often espoused the virtues of #Spam as a food element. Spam is a pre-war luncheon meat creation from 1937. In 1970 the two billionth can of Spam was produced and at the same time reached new popularity because of Monty Pythons Spam routine. In 2007, Spam distribution worldwide hit 7 billion.

Spam is a combination of Pork Shoulder and Ham and has been used in a variety of ways throughout the world. Enough of the history lesson lets just say it’s tasty and fun.

So alone with a can of Spam, a Big Green Egg, and my slightly disturbed creative mind what could I possibly come up with? How about a Spam, Bacon, and Polenta Maki roll? I’m in! Also a Smoked Blooming Spamion (I invented that word). So here we go.

Fun with SpamThe Maki roll was wrapped in bacon instead of Nori and rolled with a cheddar polenta.

The rest of the lovely porky can was sliced 3/4 of the way through to create a checkerboard pattern and spiced with a maple sugar rub. Since everything except the bacon was cooked, they both sat on the BGE for about an hour on top of granite grilling stone. The Maki was turned every 20 minutes to cook and create crispness on the bacon.

Will I do it again? Yes but next time I think I will forgo the polenta and try sushi rice. The reason I didn’t try it first? I didn’t have any.

Don’t get all snobby about Spam. Experiment! Try it! It’s not scary and far from ordinary.